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Prebula & Associates LLC is well versed in multiple areas of civil litigation. If you have a complex case, we want to hear about it!

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When People Need A Civil Litigation Attorney In Atlanta You Come To Prebula & Associates LLC

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Mary A. Prebula
Mary A. Prebula

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Jennifer Ivey Range
Jennifer Ivey Range

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For When You Need A Skilled Litigator

When you’re a business that needs to go to court over a compensation disagreement, or you’re going through a divorce with a dispute about assets, then you need a skilled litigation attorney with experience. For over 30 years, our lead attorney Mary Prebula, has argued in courtrooms about many of these complex areas of the law. She knows it well, and she will represent you earnestly in court.

We’ll Stay Honest With You

When you come to Prebula & Associates LLC, you aren’t just going to speak to attorneys that are trying to push you through the court system as quickly as possible. We sit down with you, learn as much as we can about your case, and make an honest assessment about your case.
We are always going to be up front with you. We aren’t going to sugarcoat something, but this also means that when we’re in the courtroom representing you, that we are doing so with our full hearts in it. We take on your case because we want to.

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