Skilled Litigation From An Experienced Firm

Civil Litigation Attorneys Pursuing Cases With Vigor And Skill

Many civil litigation attorneys in Atlanta can demonstrate that they have significant trial skills. Not as many can match the record of Mary Prebula, the managing partner of Prebula & Associates LLC. She has been serving clients in Atlanta since 1984, and in that time, she has accumulated both numerous trials and – more importantly – a high percentage of victories at trial. She has also settled many cases with favorable terms for her clients.

A record such as Ms. Prebula’s isn’t built overnight, nor is it a matter of luck. She and the attorneys of our firm have created strategies that produce optimal results. The main components of our attorneys’ success boil down to three things: a commitment to unstinting honesty, inside and beyond the courtroom; decades of experience handling many different types of civil lawsuits; and the ability to develop compelling presentations to a judge and jury that will create empathy for our clients.

How We Approach Your Case

Ms. Prebula and her legal team are hands-on – you will not face interviews with endless rounds of paralegals or associates. We talk to you about the details of your situation, and if challenges lie ahead, we will let you know.

Some of the areas in which we can help you include:

  • Business/commercial litigation – We can help you resolve a contract dispute, a case of trademark infringement, ERISA claims, a partnership disagreement, or an employment dispute.
  • Employee litigation – If you’ve been treated unlawfully at work, we can represent you as a plaintiff in a legal action against your employer.
  • Family law – Litigated divorces can be rough, but sometimes they are the only way to settle the dissolution of your marriage. We will aggressively defend your interests.
  • Probate litigation – We can help you settle complex claims over a loved one’s estate.

Although we handle many types of litigation, we limit our practice to cases in which we believe we can truly make a difference. We want to help you achieve the results you want and need.

When You Need A Civil Litigation Or Commercial Litigation Lawyer, Come To Us

You can learn more about how we can help you with your lawsuit by calling our office in Atlanta at 470-857-5091 or by sending us a message using our online intake form.